New Example and Documentation for Scheduling with Preferences

The feature Scheduling with Preferences and Multi-Modules has been in GPI-Space since quite a while with version 21.12 releasing the first version documenting it. This release improves on the existing documentation and enhances it with a standalone example.


  • Fixed a -Wstringop-overflow warning in the gspc-monitor with GCC 11.
  • Disabling -Wmaybe-uninitialized warnings in GPI-Space due to compilation problems in the DRTS kernel caused by false positives.
  • Missing includes in the ostream_redirect logger tests were causing compilation failures with GCC 12.1.
  • HWLOC with version >= 2.5.0 is injecting the environment variable ZES_ENABLE_SYSMAN at runtime causing the worker_env test to fail, hence the test has been deactivated if GPI-Space is compiled with one of these HWLOC versions.


  • The GPI-Space code base underwent some minor refactoring using clang-tidy to increase the overall code quality.
  • The use of fhg::util::latch within tests was replaced with std::promise for better code maintainability.